How to Emulate Using Visual Basic 6

When I first started work on VB64 I recieved a number of e-mails telling me it was not possible to emulate a c64 using VisualBasic, Then as things progressed and I released screens and details of titles that worked the e-mails changed to HOW ? do you do that, What ? did you do to get that ?, Does it really run as fast as you say ?.

With the following pages I intend to show you HOW I am writting a working CBM emu and WHAT I am doing to make it run at an acceptable rate. The best part is I will show you HOW to do all this in Visual basic 6 (NOTE. Earlier Versions will be fine )

*NOTE. These Documents are subject to change Whilst VB64 is in Development.

HOW-TO-Cpu Emulation

HOW-TO-Memory Emulation

HOW-TO-Graphics Emulation

HOW-TO-Sound Emulation

HOW-TO-Input Devices